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Here is your FREE Guerrilla Marketing Video on the 4 Stages of A Customer.  Enjoy!


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In this video you will notice that there are 4 distinct stages a customer will go through.  Each stage will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line depending on how you approach each customer.

Would you like me to help you start to identify which stage your customers are in and point you in the right direction on how to move your customers to the next stage?

I am happy to help you design a custom guerrilla marketing plan for your business, identify your perfect target market of prospective buyers and show you how to present your product or service for the maximum price possible.

This way you’ll be able to get more sales quickly and get the highest price you can without wasting time or money.  There is no cost to this and there is no obligation of any kind

I offer this free service because I am a certified guerrilla marketing trainer and I do public speaking and coaching for a living.  There is a very good possibility that you or you know someone who needs my expertise and is interested in having me help their business.  Without using all the hype, this is a practical, no BS way to see that I am for real and know my stuff.  So if you find value in the help I give you, you might want to hire me.   or you might send me a referral for a business you know that would like to hire me.

With that said, please understand I am NOT offering a sales pitch in disguise. I promise not to pressure you, add you to my newsletter or pester you in any way at all.  In fact, if you feel like I’ve wasted even one second of your time I will write a check for $10,000 and send it to the charity of your choice in your name.

Now Wait a minute, before you go any further, you need to know that I can’t help everybody. I work with people who have or are looking to start a business and make it grow. I can only be of benefit to people that have some sort of budget for marketing and advertising and are targeting English Speaking Customers in the USA.

Here’s what you do next. If you want to schedule a planning session with me, simply click the link below.  When you click you’ll see a form with a few questions about your business and what you’re looking to accomplish.  Once I have that information, I’ll do some market research for you and if I can help you, I will contact you so we can l set up a time to go over it together.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the video.

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